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Airplane Storage Rack

One of my projects this summer was to put together a new storage rack for my RC planes. My original storage rack was made with PVC pipe, but it really wasn’t big enough or sturdy enough to hold my growing collection. I put together my new rack using three 2×3 studs mounted to one wall of my basement. Each stud has a series of holes bored into the wide end to accept 3/4″ PVC pipe. This lets me configure the rack to handle a variety of different planes in a safe and sturdy manner.

IMAG00072 IMAG00077

One problem I encountered is that the OD of 3/4″ PVC pipe is just under 1-1/16″ dia, but 1-1/16″ dia drill bits are not commonly available. To solve this problem, I ground down an inexpensive 1-1/8″ spade bit to 1-1/16″. Problem solved.

The rack is secured to the concrete wall using a powder actuated nail gun. Given the potential value of the planes hanging on the rack, I wanted a little extra insurance, so I screwed a couple of steel straps to secure the top of the rack to the exposed floor joists above … a lot of extra security for a very small amount of effort.


Finally, I repurposed many of the PVC “tees” and “elbows” from my original rack to create a new wing panel storage stand. The bottom of the stand is made from some scrap plywood. I added a layer of Dollar Tree store foam board to the base in order to create a soft surface to stack the panels on. I also cut a second foam board lengthwise to use as a “cushion” between the wing panels.


This weekend project really helped me got my storage organized and was well worth the effort.