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Rebel Ready To Fly Again

The guys at Motion RC took care of me after my Rebel crash and provided me with $50 store credit to offset damages, which more than covered the cost of a new fuselage kit.


Everything else was salvageable, so this was the only replacement part necessary for the plane itself.  For piece of mind, I will scrap the battery back from the crash since it appears a bit damaged. So in the end, my only out-of-pocket cost is under $30. Not bad.

Reassembly was easy. The fuselage kit comes complete with plastic for the nose gear, a new canopy, tail and nose cones, and even servo extension cables pre-installed, so this was mostly a bolt together job. The nose gear strut and the pushrod connecting the nose gear steering servo were both slightly bent, but easy to straighten.

After reconnecting the ESC to the fan, I wrapped the connections tightly with electrical tape. That should keep them together.


Since I had everything out on the bench, I decided to replace the “T” style battery connecter with an EC3 (I don’t the way the “T” connectors spark when you mate them). The EC3 was tight fit through opening in the fuselage, but with a little coaxing, it squeezed through.


Of course, this meant I had to pull back the pre-installed servo extensions to make room. I was a little concerned about getting the throttle connector and servo extensions back through this tiny hole, but using a length of nylon pushrod sleeving, it was easy to fish them through.

20160903_151212 20160903_151255

Everything else then was just bolted/glued in place. Since there was a small crack in the original canopy, I decided to use the new one provided with the fuselage kit. Like last time, I carved a small bit of foam from the underside of the canopy to allow for battery clearance. The plane rebalanced with about 1.3 oz in the nose (like last time).


For good measure, I will re-verify all my control throws, but there is no reason to expect anything has changed since the wing and tail were undamaged and no changes were made to the electronics. Here she is ready to re-maiden.


Now I just need the weather to cooperate!