Multiple Mishaps Today

Spent the morning at the field today. It was a bit crowded, and although the weather started out beautiful, the wind started gusting a bit by mid-day, so I did no get quite as much flying time in as I had hoped. I got in a a few flights with my Park Zone P51 and F4F, but then ended up with a couple of minor mishaps.

First up was a gust of wind that blew my F4F off the bench when my back was turned. It landed up side down and end up putting a small break in the rudder and elevator. Easy to fix, but ended the F4F’s flying for the day.

20160704_141212 20160704_141219

Next up was an attempted flight with my e-Flite Hurricane. This would have been my first flight for this plane this season and only my second flight ever for this particular plane. I decided to fly off the grass instead of the paved portion of the runway. I just started my take off roll and was getting up to speed, but I hit a bit of rough patch and the plane took a few strange bounces and end up nosing down and breaking the prop. No other damage, but I did not have a spare with me, so a second plane ended up out of commission.

I thought about putting up my PZ P51 again, but given the wind gusts and the way my luck was running I decided that it would be better off calling it quits for the day. Still better than a day at the office though!