SSE – Some Progress On the Left Wing Panel

I made some limited progress on the left wing panel today. I sheeted the upper surfaces and started sheeting the lower. In order to create a “ledge” for the leading edge sheeting to glue to, I cut a thin strip of scrap 1/16 sheeting and glued them to the inside of the leading edge between the ribs.

2013-08-01T18-02-03_0 2013-08-01T18-02-03_2

I plan to use nylon wing bolts to hold the wings in place instead of the stock J-Hooks and rubber bands, so I added a backer made out of some scrap 1/8″ plywood and a 1/4-20 blind nut inside of the root wing rib before adding the lower sheeting.


I did get a little bit of the “starved horse” look between the ribs of the upper sheeting, but other than that I am happy with the results so far. I hope to finish up the left panel in the morning and get the right panel started. It should go a lot faster than the left, as I spend a lot of time fussing about with the wing bolt mod.