TF P-47 Fuse Top Construction Continues 2

Well I finally got a chance to get back into my shop and make a bit more progress on the P-47. Next step is to get the sheeting on the fuse top. I had previously formed the pre-cut lower sheeting around some aluminum ducting to set in the curve.


Last weekend, I had an hour to sneak into my shop, and I thought that would be enough time to get the lower sheeting glued up. Fortunately, I decided to use Titebond aliphatic resin instead of CA. I got the sheeting partway glued down but was really struggling to keep it from buckling. I was totally dissatisfied with how it looked, so I pulled it off, wiped off the glue with a damp rag and decided to leave this for when I wouldn’t feel rushed.

I had a bit more time today, so I took another go at it, again using Titebond. This time, everything went smoothly and I got both lower sheeting pieces glued down.


After the glue set up, I went back and started to trim back the sheeting near the stabilizer saddles. Once again I started to feel like I was rushing things, so I decided to call it a night and leave this fussy step for the morning.

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