TF P-47 Fuse Top Construction Continues

Construction of the fuse top continues with the installation of the stringers and the razorback spine. All very straightforward with no real surprises.




Next step, sheeting the lower section of the upper fuselage. I have spliced on extenders to the end of the tail section on both sides of the precut skins. I then soaked down the outer surface with Windex and gently bent the skins around a length of aluminum duct (anything of a suitable diameter and length will do), using rubber bands to hold everything in place. I was tempted to glue them in place today, but decided to give up and save some fun for next time.


Just to drive myself crazy, I have been keeping a log of the hours spent working on this project. Since the start of the project on October 1st 2011, I have spent 53 hours (I never claimed to be fast!).


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