Not New Much Progress

Unfortunately, I have not been able to make much new progress. I have been traveling for work way too much lately, and we had surprise October snow storm dumping a foot and half of snow over northern Connecticut and knocking power out to much of the state (hard to build when there are no lights).

I was able to put in a few hours today and got the sheeting onto the bottom of the stab, rough shaped the leading edge of the elevator halves, and started construction on the fin.



I used my new Great Planes balsa building board for the fin construction. It is definitely an improvement over my old ceiling tile as items pinned hold much more firmly.

I’m back on the road again for the next two weeks, so I won’t be able to make any new progress for a while.

Building Board Arrived

I got back from my last business trip last week to find that the postman had delivered my Great Planes building board. The surface is smooth and flat and looks like it will be a big step up from the old ceiling tile building board I have been using.


My only concern is that there is a small split along one of the edge glued joints at one end. I am leaving it alone for now, but may squirt a bit of wood glue into the split and clamp it up to ensure that it does not spread.