New Build Project – Top Flite P-47 Gold Edition


Well here we go with the project that got me motivated to set this site up. I am diving into my first scale RC build project. I may have bit off a bit more than I can chew, but I have realistic expectations and realize that this will be a lengthy project (probably on the order of 2 years). In fact I am counting on it as my flying skills are not quite up to a scale warbird such as this. That said, even though this is my first scale RC build, I have quite a bit of model building experience in my past and I am confident that I will eventually see this box full of lumber take flight.


My plans are to build this close to stock, adding a few additional scale details where I can. One major deviation will be to use electric power instead of gas or glow. I definitely plan to include retracts (including the tail wheel). One of my early decisions will be whether or not use larger scale wheels and doors for the main gear, which will require extensive modifications to the wing spar.

Other plans include functional flaps and using hinge-points instead of CA hinges for all control surfaces. I am leaning towards fiberglass and paint instead of traditional film covering, but not certain if that yet.

So far, I am concentrating on reading through the instructions and sorting through the parts. I have also been reading through build threads on RC forums to learn from others with far more experience. Here are two particularly useful threads I have found so far:

I hope to start construction on the tail feathers next weekend.

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